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For a limited time, Exam9 Educator, will be offered for a special of only $199 for a limited time for this version! Click here to order now!

Here is a quick overview of the benefits and features:

Exam9 Educator Overview:

Online exam software for educators that allows educators to set up multiple choice tests for set time periods that when submitted are automatically corrected and the results logged beside the student's or trainee's reference number. Exam parameters remain fully editable and results are viewed in tabular and graphic formats. Images ( map / photo) or documents ( word, excel, pdf etc) can be incorporated into exam questions or the exam introduction.Exams are grouped according to class name (i.e. history, web design, nursing ) and any selection of questions from all the exams in a group can be used to make a new exam. Some educators simply enter a large number of questions under one exam name to create a question bank and then use another exam names to use selections of these questions.Exam results can be checked by year, class or individual. Old results can be archived.Students can check their results immediately.Although distributed with an MS Access database the tables can be readily imported and used on SQL Server.As a web based product you only need one license no matter how large the group of people using the product. Try the free trial version first, or click here for pricing/to purchase a full version! Order by phone, fax, cheque, money order, or order securely online!

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